Women can use these hair systems as per their requirement. They use them as a necessity or as an ornament. Women hair are different from men hair. Women thinning patterns are different then men. At times women start loosing hair from frontal side because of different reasons. Most common is hormonal changes and at times medicines are of not much help. The best way is use these closures or toppers. If you have thin hair from back side and want volume you can use volumisers. A point to remember when buying a clip on volumiser or a lengthner. If you do ponytail more and do half tie-ups use a three clip and width should not be more than 5 to 6 inches whereas if you leave your hair open most of the time you can buy a five clip or can made to order. We have a range of extensions temporary and permanent to suit your need. And in case you do not find what you require you can contact us and your hair buddy would guide you. We have real and synthetic hair wigs and extensions. Patients of cancer often need wigs or closures. Please mail us or contact us for any support.

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